Bill Hargenrader leading a panel at the Humans to Mars Summit. From Left to Right, Bill Hargenrader, Mars Expert, Jim Wilson, Public Affairs Officer, NASA, Keri Kukral, Co-founder and CEO of Raw Science, and Ron Sparkman Founder of UpportunityU.

Bill Hargenrader, MSc, is a Mars expert, writer, speaker and advocate focusing on Mars exploration and colonization.

Bill leverages his 15+ year career in cybersecurity and innovation with the military and a Fortune 500 consulting firm to bring depth to his work, and add realistic scientific projections to his storytelling.

Bill is the founder of I Love Mars Media, home to the 2nd largest Mars enthusiast community in the world with over 100,000 Martians across social media. He is also the host of Red Planet Radio, the #1 Mars focused podcast on iTunes.

Bill led a team of Mars experts to win the first ever Mars City Design contest in the agriculture category. He presented his Hybrid Approach Mars Mission talk on the main stage at the 19th Annual International Mars Society Convention. Bill was an adviser for the 2017 Mars India Summit in Bangalore. And most noteworthy, he was a semi-finalist for the National Geographic Assignment Explorer correspondent contest for his video featuring exploration of Mars.

Bill Hargenrader led a panel on Science Fiction, Media, and Mars at Explore Mars’ Humans to Mars Summit in 2017 .

Bill believes that we should send humans to Mars sooner rather than later for both progress and protection purposes. As a result, the science and technology developed to live on Mars will improve conditions here on Earth now.

He intends for the Mars Journey series to help us along this path.

Ad Mars et Ultra! (To Mars and Beyond)

Mars Exploration Advocacy

National Geographic Digital Correspondent

Moderating  a Panel on SciFi, Media, and Mars Exploration